Tooth Whitening

Looking to whiten your teeth? Here at Your Syracuse Family Dentist, Dr. DiMento DMD offers a unique, take-home whitening program. It allows you to whiten your teeth at your convenience in a safe, effective, and customized way. We fabricate custom fitted mouth trays from impressions taken of your teeth.

Our teeth whitening program also makes a great gift! Here at Your Syracuse Family Dentist, we have many clients who purchase the program as a present.

Questions about our program or interested in available specials? Give us a call at (315) 477-9960 or contact us here!



Not familiar with the process? No problem!

Here at Your Syracuse Family Dentist, the first step is bringing you in to create customized trays. We will take impressions of your teeth and get to know you & your oral health concerns. Shortly afterwards, we will have you come in to pick up your trays. Then, you pick them up and continue the program from the comfort of your own home! Finally, we’ll reach out once the program is coming to an end to make sure you got the most out of your experience.



  • Confidence – Boast your smile without fretting. Our tooth whitening program will help you flash your smile with confidence.
  • Customized Fit – With our teeth whitening program, we customize trays specifically for you! This ensures that they are perfectly fit to your smile and do not irritate your gums.
  • Full Smile Whitening – Over the counter whitening strips are often too small to cover your entire smile. This can result in an uneven look with whiter teeth in the front than in the back. With our customized trays, we make sure that all of your teeth are looking bright.
  • More Bang for Your Buck – While over the counter products might be cheaper at first glance, the results are not lasting. Professional teeth whitening is stronger & more effective, therefore lasting you a longer time. Invest in your smile, and it will go a long way.



We’ve found that teeth whitening can help people with varying lifestyles. For example, if you are a big coffee or tea drinker, over the years your diet may stain your teeth. Other factors that can lead to discoloration of your teeth are smoking and aging. This is because as you get older or if you smoke, your enamel may get worn down. Other factors that contribute to Discoloration are plaque, tartar or other oral health concerns.

We’ve also found that those with upcoming special occasions benefit greatly from our teeth whitening program. Whether it is a wedding in the near future or upcoming job interviews, our clients find that the extra confidence in their smile make them feel more comfortable, no matter the event.



New to Your Syracuse Family Dentist? Take comfort in knowing that:

  • DiMento is an experienced dentist! He has been practicing in the Syracuse area since 1994.
  • DiMento is a member of the American Academy of Implant Dentistry.
  • The staff at Your Syracuse Family Dentist is dedicated to giving you the best treatment and care.

If you are looking into teeth whitening for yourself or as a gift for a loved one, please contact us! Or if you are looking for a primary care dentist for you and your family, learn more about us today.