Intra-Oral Camera

Intra-oral cameras are a special type of camera that dentists use to display images of a patient’s teeth on a screen. Most often, practitioners use this type of camera to show a patient what the inside of their mouth looks like when discussing treatment options. However, some dentists also use them during orthodontic procedures. 

These are small devices that sit at the end of a wand. Advances in electronics miniaturization now mean that this type of camera is commonplace in the dental world and able to fit into surprisingly tight spaces in your mouth.

Most of these kind of cameras connect to a computer that stores the video feed. Some cameras use wires, while others are wireless and rely on Bluetooth technology to communicate information. 

Dentists use intra-oral cameras in a variety of situations. Patients, for instance, may benefit from intra-oral cameras when opting for tooth-alignment technologies, like Invisalign or wire braces. Dentists may also use them to help patients understand where their new implants will go or where they have decay. 

These cameras come with a range of features. Many have digital zoom that allows them to magnify images of the teeth and gums. They also come with LED lights for illuminating the darkest recesses of your mouth. Some come with special periodontal probes that enable the dentist to inspect your mouth below the gumline. 

This technology can provide you with invaluable information about your mouth, allowing you to make better treatment decisions. Find out more about how this technology could help you by booking a consultation today.