Linda - Family Dentist

Hi, my name is Linda and I have had the pleasure of working as a Dental Hygienist with Dr DiMento’s team since 2001. I am an Onondaga Community graduate and I benefit from ongoing Dental Seminars which help to enrich my dental knowledge and allows me to contribute to our practice. General dentistry is the perfect choice for me because I enjoy working with patients of all ages and I am especially successful with young children. I am best known for being friendly and compassionate and will make you feel comfortable and welcome in our office. I work hard on motivating and incorporating home care routines so you can experience a healthy mouth which improves your overall health. I am married and have two daughters. In my free time I enjoy my pet Corgi, working out at either Aspen or Gold’s Gym, camping and volunteering at the Dome for Westhill’s sports booster club.