Porcelain onlays are durable, ceramic, cosmetic, conservative fillings, created by our Cerec machine. Traditionally made out of gold , porcelain has been substituted for its teeth color look. They are bonded to any weakened remaining tooth structure to help restore strength, function, and esthetics. Similar to dental crowns, they are engineered to protect decaying teeth that have deteriorated more than what a filling can fix.

Ultimately they are used to prevent continual tooth decay and potential fracturing in a more conservative and cosmetic approach. Different from a traditional crown, these only cover the weak and missing spots of a tooth without the need to reach your gum line and cover the entire tooth.

Unlike a filling procedure, which undergoes its hardening process on the tooth, onlays are constructed and hardened before being placed. This is known as an indirect restoration, whereas a filling is a direct restoration. Still not convinced that they are right for you? Check out some of the advantages of our cosmetic onlay procedure.

What are some advantages?

  • The repair can be colored the same as your existing teeth to look natural.
  • When completed without error, they work as if they are your natural teeth.
  • They are stain resistant.
  • Act as a strong support and foundation for the decayed tooth.
  • Have a long lasting durability, taking away the headache of needing to continuously repair them.

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