Getting sealants is a simple procedure in which a white acrylic coating is bonded into the deep grooves of teeth that aren’t reached by toothbrush bristles. They act as a protective barrier over deep enamel grooves, which help fight cavities.


Dental sealant is a thin film of plastic-like material that covers the teeth to prevent decay. The most common application of dental sealant is on the back teeth, where the chances of tooth decay are highest.


Dentists apply a layer of sealant to the grooves and depressions in the molar teeth at the rear of the mouth, creating a physical barrier that prevents plaque from damaging the enamel.


These are a popular choice among children and teenagers. Young people are at a relatively high risk of developing tooth decay issues because of their consumption of sugary foods like cakes and candies. Our sealants are ideal for protecting the teeth of children throughout the cavity-prone years, running from age six to fourteen.


At our dental practice, we follow a rigorous procedure for conducting this service.


First, we ensure that all of the teeth being sealed are thoroughly cleaned to prevent bacteria from becoming trapped and causing damage.


Next, we dry the teeth using an absorbent material. After that, we use a special agent to roughen the surface of the teeth to prepare them for adhesion. Finally, we paint the sealant onto the enamel and leave it to dry.


This is a highly effective way to prevent children and young adults from having to return to the dentist for fillings. Research suggests that getting this service done can provide tooth protection for up to ten years. That’s why a single visit to our dental practice is all that it takes to protect your child from cavities until their adult teeth come through.