Hi, my name is Linda and I have had the pleasure of working as a Dental Hygienist with Dr DiMento’s team since 2001. I am an Onondaga Community graduate and I benefit from ongoing Dental Seminars which help to enrich my dental knowledge and allows me to contribute to our practice. General dentistry is the perfect choice for me because I enjoy working with patients of all ages and I am especially successful with young children. I am best known for being friendly and compassionate and will make you feel comfortable and welcome in our office. I work hard on motivating and incorporating home care routines so you can experience a healthy mouth which improves your overall health. I am married and have two daughters. In my free time I enjoy my pet Corgi, working out at either Aspen or Gold’s Gym, camping and volunteering at the Dome for Westhill’s sports booster club.


My name is Brittainy Schlenker. My passion is Dentistry! I love my career and the patients I’m privileged to treat every day. I started my dental career as a dental assistant in 2000. I continued my dental knowledge and career by going back to school to become a dental Hygienist. I graduated with high honors from Broome Community College in 2009. I was the 2009 recipient of Colgate’s. S.T.A.R award. I keep up with the ever changing dental field by taking continued dental education courses each year. I am excited to be part of Dr DiMento’s amazing team. I live in Cortland and I’m married to my wonderful husband, Jason. I have two cats and one dog who are my “fur kids”. I love to read, go camping, crochet/knit and be with my family.


My name is Tamara. I am a SUNY Broome graduate of 2016 and being a dental Hygienist is what sparks up my day. I enjoy every minute of my busy work schedule. I love helping people, encouraging and motivating them to improve their oral health. Seeing patients smile their hard work and dedication makes me happy. On my days off, I enjoy visiting my boyfriend, Christopher. I love to cook; bake; hike and going to the gym after work.


My name is Sara and I joined the team in 2014. I am a certified dental assistant with a passion for general dentistry.  I received my CDA license from Liverpool OCM BOCES. I also hold an associate’s degree from Morrisville State College in Liberal Arts Social Science. I enjoy being able to use my expanded functions to educate and work with patients to meet their dental needs and goals.  When I am not in the dental office I enjoy spending time with my boyfriend, Steven and our beloved dog King. I also enjoy riding horses, hiking and snowboarding.


My name is Alexis. I was born and raised in Syracuse. I became a CDA in 2013 and was the recipient of the Onondaga County Dental Society Award Scholarship. I became a member of Dr DiMento’s team in June of 2016. Since then I have built great friendships with our staff and patients. When I am not a work I am spending time with my 5yr old daughter Tehya, boyfriend Tantank, our cat’s or my family. I love to cook, hike, fish and just being outside.